When it comes to cracking the code, ‘engagement’ is the name of the game.” 

– Sophia Parra

In today’s episode of “The Shine Strategy,” I’m excited to bring you my incredibly informative conversation with social media expert, Sophia Parra, who is a social media strategist and founder of COACH SOCIAL. Her system has helped clients triple attendance at events and grow their online communities by 1,000 – 3,000% in the first year. She’s also the creator of the online subscription, WHAT THE HECK TO POST, which reveals her biggest hacks to cracking the Instagram code.

Sophia opens up and shares the heart-wrenching story of how she came to this work, and why she feels drawn to working with coaches. And we talk about so much more, including: Facebook and Instagram algorithms, the key to engagement, and how best to optimize growth via DMs. You will definitely want to take notes on this one!  


  • The top mistakes people make when posting. 
  • Why your objective for each post requires a strategic approach.
  • How Sophia feels about “liking” your own content. 
  • Facebook and Instagram algorithms: how they work and how to work them. 
  • How you can use DMs to increase your client base.
  • The secret to sharing links on Instagram. 
  • How the algorithms reward different types of engagement—this one might surprise you!


Ask questions that aren’t ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Be social.” 

– Sophia Parra

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