25. Guy & Ilan Ferdman: Satori Prime & How Energy is the Key for Inner and Outer Change

by Heather Burgett


“The mind is full of illusions.

The body is full of truths.”

– Satori Prime

On this episode of “The Shine Strategy,” I have the pleasure of welcoming two guests, Guy & Ilan Ferdman, the brothers behind the Satori Prime brand—a personal development, leadership, and spiritual growth organization that caters to people across the globe. 

Guy and Ilan have a combined 34+ years of coaching, and their application of psychology and neuroscience—combined with ancient practices of energetics—gives them a unique approach to problem solving and transforming lives. They built a solid brand and platform that allowed them to re-direct and shift their business three times.

They speak on global stages to spread their mission of elevating human potential and are also the publishers of MindBender.co. Other offerings include: digital products, free community coaching, a weekly podcast, group and private coaching, and corporate trainings. 

Satori Prime embodies charisma, humor and integrity. Guy and Ilan’s practical approach to deep energetic work truly is refreshing in a self-help industry full of “fluff.” 

You won’t want to miss what they have to say about breaking free from patterns, processing energy, and making the inner changes that will bring you the outer change you desire. 

It’s the energy behind the action that’s going to create the biggest result.

-Satori Prime



      • How they used their highly visible platform to re-direct and re-brand their business 3x 
      • How they went from losing their jobs and living with their mom, to starting a business and turning it into a 7-figure business.
      • The important difference between shifting your mindset and shifting your energy. 
      • The conscious versus the subconscious mind and how a deeper understanding of both can produce breakthroughs in your personal development. 
      • How patterned responses are created out of your inner system feeling unsafe and how we can begin to break free of those patterns.
      • Guy breaks down why learning to “metabolize energy” is at the core for true personal development. 
      • How we can learn about processing energy from watching children.

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