27. Ron Malhotra: Cultivating Holistic Wealth, the Value of Visibility & How to Have it All

by Heather Burgett


“Visibility is showing up on a regular basis and knowing why I’m showing up.”

– Ron Malhotra

,,On this episode of “The Shine Strategy,” I’m thrilled to introduce the brilliant Ron Malhotra—an award-winning financial advisor, international speaker, advanced mindset and success coach, certified leadership trainer, radio host and bestselling author. In fact, Jack Canfield, who is considered America’s #1 success coach, says that Ron will “help you get to the next level of success.”

Ron’s views are featured regularly in the media, including ABC, Financial Review, CNN, Money Magazine, Financial Observer, Investing Daily, Fox News and Wallstreet Select. He is also the founder and managing director of Maple Tree Wealth Management, a firm based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Ron’s passion is to empower people by delivering a comprehensive formula that is based on the proven fundamentals of wealth and prosperity. As an influential motivator, he has the unique ability to inspire and transform people’s thinking in areas that are holding them back from achieving personal or financial success.

Often, people want to make an impact on the world but feel they have to reject having money in order to stay true to their mission. Many people also think they can’t enjoy the material pleasures of life and be spiritual at the same time.

Ron is passionate about showing others that it is possible to have it all—success, money, purpose, and also, to lead with your heart.

The most fulfilled people in the world are people who have been able to successfully integrate their purpose—which is what they’re born to do—with their passion—which is what they love to do—for a profit.

-Ron Malhotra



  • How Ron decided to merge energetic and intuitive work with his business background in order to become the most well-rounded, holistic teacher he could possibly be. 
  • How having a scarcity mindset requires a shift in your paradigm to begin to create abundance for yourself.
  • About Ron’s mental health journey, how it brought him to start his Successful Male program, and how it was met with resistance from both men and women. 
  • About the power of strategic visibility and Ron’s 5-question framework for building your platform.
  • How he marries the physical experience with spiritual and how he enjoys the pleasures of the physical world—without letting them define him. 

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