EP11. Jeffrey Shaw: Creative Warriors & Being Seen as One-in-a-Million

by Heather Burgett

I want a world where everybody feels seen and served by the businesses we choose—where we don’t feel like we’re one OF a million, but that we’re one IN a million.” 

– Jeffrey Shaw

On this episode of “The Shine Strategy,” I’m excited to bring you the host of the “Creative Warriors” podcast, Jeffrey Shaw, who is also a brand consultant, TEDx speaker and author of Lingo: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible.

For over 30 years, Jeffrey was one of the country’s most sought after photographers, shooting top athletes and executives—with his portraits appearing on “The Oprah Show,” People and O Magazine. Jeffrey pivoted his photography career into becoming a business coach to help creatives learn how to be seen by the world.

Jeffrey’s passion for his work is infectious, and it was instantly clear that his community of soulful entrepreneurs perfectly aligns with our own Shine Insiders. 

Additionally, his thorough understanding of how he can serve his community—and help others serve their communities—is beyond motivating. It’s no surprise that his podcast recently hit a million downloads! You’ll definitely want to listen to this episode to hear why it’s important to understand the deepest desires of your clients.



  • The connection Jeffrey made between photography and business coaching, and the career pivot that came with it. 
  • What Jeffrey means by “understanding your customer’s lingo.” 
  • How Jeffrey’s “positive escalator” applies to everyone.
  • How to think of yourself as a leader. 
  • His definition of the 5 primary emotional triggers: perspective, familiarity, style, pricing, psychology, words. 
  • How most businesses are built backwards and why it’s problematic. 
  • How Marianne Williamson’s words inspired him to scale his business. 
  • Jeffrey’s best advice to starting a podcast. 
  • The touching life lesson Jeffrey would tell his younger self.


Recognition is a strategy, not a destination.” 

– Jeffrey Shaw

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