17. Holly Dowling: Inspiring Hearts & Minds Around the World thru Keynote Speaking

by Heather Burgett


Give yourself permission to pause and take an intermission to rekindle your mission.” 

– Holly Dowling

On this episode of “The Shine Strategy,” I’m so excited to sit with Holly Dowling, a global keynote speaker, inspirational thought leader and all-around exuberant human being. Holly has over 20 years of experience helping managers become stronger leaders, individuals achieve higher levels of performance, and companies discover new opportunities for success.

Holly’s clients continue to bring her back as a keynote speaker, corporate facilitator and consultant, and she is honored to have worked with Facebook, IBM, Gap, among countless others. Additionally, Holly is a proud partner of The United Nations Foundation where she serves as an ambassador for “Girl Up” and promotes equality, innovation and entrepreneurship for women worldwide. 

Holly’s life mantra is “Live life with a passion!” And that she does. Holly and I have worked together and have shared so many special moments that gave us both goosebumps as we re-live them in this conversation. She’s not only full of joy—she’s also open, courageous and real. 

She truly has a gift for engaging and energizing everyone around her. You won’t want to miss this inspiring episode on how she’s pushed through her own dark times, relentlessly and creatively pursued her dream jobs, and what she means when she says, “tell me ‘no’ and watch me go.” 


Let go of scripts. Let go of all of the stuff that makes your brain go into a no-shine mode. Tap into where your heart is.” 

-Holly Dowling



  • How Holly and I began working together and why she’s one of my proudest moments.
  • Holly’s “me too” story and how she transformed it into a whole new movement.
  • The power of saying ‘no’ to toxic clients and when to listen to your body.
  • How Holly pursued her dream of working on a cruise ship and turned it into a life lesson on taking initiative and following her heart.
  • Holly’s powerful advice to those who are stuck and struggling to move in the direction of their dreams.


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