28. Heather Burgett: Elevate & Illuminate Your Life with Shine Strategies

by Heather Burgett


On this final episode in Season One of “The Shine Strategy” podcast, it’s just you and me! 

I decided to take this time to bookend our season with a solo episode, so we could look back at what we did with the show and how it’s helping our listeners.

We discovered and absorbed so much this year—powerful ideas from our guests, the ins-and-outs of podcasting, and how to continue to evolve as spiritual beings having a human experience. I’m  so excited to come back next year with many lessons learned. Isn’t that one of the secrets to life? Live and learn…

In looking back, it’s a complete honor and humbling experience to look at who actually showed up for the show. And I have to share that this is also the magic of PR and what I do.

Being able to ask the right people for what you want and enroll them in your vision for the desired outcome—well, that’s a big part of it. So many of my high profile guests told me, “I don’t normally do this…” And then they agreed to be interviewed by someone they didn’t really know—for a brand new podcast with no stats or track record.

A little PR magic? I’d say so…

In this episode, I break down what public relations is and share more about how it actually works and can specifically apply to you. It’s such a mystery for so many people, and I recently realized that even my mom still doesn’t understand what I do after all these years.

So, I get a little deeper into the nuts and bolts in this episode and share how it has helped not only my clients, students and members, but also my own business.

My intention was to bring you, my listener, inspirational stories and strategies from leading visionaries who are out there making the world a better place by using their high profile platforms for good. And, also to make sure that you know that you can do it too! 

Guys…I think we did it! 

Thanks so much for listening, and I’ll see you in 2020.

With much love, your shine strategist, Heather B.


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