“The more people that join the conversation, the more things that light will be shed on, and things will change in the world.” – Deborah Anderson

In this episode of “The Shine Strategy” podcast, I’m thrilled to share an enlightening conversation with renowned photographer, multimedia artist, and director, Deborah Anderson. She heard the calling to be in service of Native American women and communities, and her new documentary film, “Women of the White Buffalo,” offers awareness and awakening to this life-changing movement.

Deborah’s journey is truly inspiring—from living with a Lakota tribe and experiencing the horrific circumstances that many Native Americans are enduring, and deciding to give the people a voice without initially knowing how she would do it. Her mission goes far beyond the making of a film. She’s using her talents to educate and activate the mainstream on what is really happening to the Native peoples, their lands and spirit. She’s inspiring others to get more educated and connected with U.S. History and to take pause to consider what’s happening, not only with Native Americans, but also with ourselves.


  • How Deborah has stepped into her calling for the making of this film.
  • The difficult truths about Native Americans in the U.S., and how we can all help.
  • How her father, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Jon Anderson, helped cultivate her spirituality, connection to the earth and consciousness.
  • Her vision for the world and her legacy as an artist.
  • The power of doing the work, putting your ego aside and being of service to others.

“Ultimately, because my heart was in the right place, and because I felt like I was on the right boat going in the right direction, it all came to me in a flow—and because it’s the right thing.” – Deborah Anderson

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