EP8. Darrah Brustein: Diving Deep with Deepak Chopra & Lifestyle Design

by Heather Burgett

Be the hero of your own story.” 

– Darrah Brustein

Today, on “The Shine Strategy,” I’m thrilled to introduce you to connector, entrepreneur, author, and all-around impressive teacher, Darrah Brustein.

She was named #1 to follow by Boss Babe magazine; has founded and scaled two business—a payment processing company and a networking events company—and her articles on lifestyle design in Forbes and other media outlets have been read by millions. Most recently, she released a video masterclass series with Deepak Chopra, titled, “Diving Deep with Deepak and Darrah.”

Her superpower is her ability to connect people. She is not only a powerhouse business woman and entrepreneur, but her desire to “give it forward” to those around her has led her to become a master networker. After inviting her community to 30 days of giving, she “accidentally” started the movement #giveitforward which strives to empower 1,000,000 people to give intentionally to one person in some way every day, with no strings attached. 

This interview is chock-full of heart-centered tactics on how to get your message out into the world in a grounded way; how to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ effectively; and, most importantly, how to live the life you desire while lifting up others. 


  • How Darrah uses her “gut-check” to decide when to say ‘yes.’
  • How to ask for things from a place of authenticity and be able to connect with those with whom you wish to collaborate.   
  • Darrah’s framework for how to say “no” that she learned from the uplifting rejection she received from Brene Brown’s team. 
  • Creating emails that are quick and easy but still personalized. 
  • How Darrah’s side-hustle brought her and added six-figure income in addition to increasing her impact in her community.
  • Why Darrah re-evaluated what success meant to her and the career shift that it created. 
  • The steps you can take to break the cycle of working like you’re on a hamster wheel. 
  • Tips to achieving a balanced lifestyle.
  • How Darrah never imagined she’d be working with Deepak Chopra, and the lessons she learned from it, including what she calls, “borrowed confidence.


People in the world access the success that they’re seeking through connections and relationships. But they so often get it wrong—they look at it from a ‘what can I get,’ not ‘what can I give,’ perspective.” 

– Darrah Brustein

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