EP7. Colin Thomson: The Future of Podcasting & Unhackable Influence

by Heather Burgett

The practical piece of reciprocity is a powerful thing in humans.”    – Colin Thomson

Today, we dig into the ins-and-outs of the podcast industry with Colin Thomson, founder and CEO of Kast Media, a leading full-service podcasting and digital media agency that works with top shows, including Lewis Howes’ The School of Greatness, Arielle Vandenberg’s The Only Child, Jordan Belfort’s The Wolf’s Den, On Purpose with Jay Shetty and The Tai Lopez Show. I’m humbled and honored to say that “The Shine Strategy” is part of this impressive fast-growing podcast network that receives 24 million downloads per month and two million streams per day.

Colin shares his journey and how, within a few short years, he has built a thriving business and become a leading podcast producer. He holds a degree in Music Composition, which was what originally brought him to LA. His interest in podcasts and experience with music production led to a pivot in his career path, which took him from editing and writing show notes to now owning and running a massive recording studio in the heart of West Hollywood—with gorgeous views and a star-studded roster of clients. 

Colin keeps it real about the highs and lows of the podcast space. He doesn’t sugarcoat how challenging it can be to start a podcast. He also discusses the value it’s bringing to our society; how important it is to produce meaningful content; and how anyone who cultivates the right relationships and pays it forward can be truly successful. 


  • How Colin went from being a music teacher to owning one of the fastest growing podcast networks in the industry
  • The importance of relationships, PR, and paying it forward 
  • Why podcasting holds a mirror to true influence and how this influence differs from the social media space
  • The future of podcasting and the dangers of decentralization that it faces
  • About monetization and bringing an organic flow to advertising
  • Colin’s top advice for anyone thinking about starting a podcast
  • Practical tips for any show’s longevity

I get excited about the podcast space because, to me, it’s the opportunity to be involved in a digital media that is focused on deep, intellectual, impactful, meaningful conversations—when the rest of the world is focused on more surface-level things.” 

– Colin Thomson

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