26. Christopher Witecki: Sirius Joy & Being the Star that You Are Change

by Heather Burgett


“You can save the world if you honor what’s true in your heart.”

– Christopher Witecki

On this episode of “The Shine Strategy,” I’m honored to introduce you to someone who I love to follow: the incredible Sensei Christopher Witecki—a psychic-astrologer, host of the “Namaste Today” video web series, and Sirius Joy software creator. He has combined his special talents to form a spiritually-inspired life-coaching program for people so that they can become the stars that they really are. 

Christopher was the first astrologer on YouTube, and he continues to be a popular spiritual teacher through his Sirius Joy channel on the platform. His weekly astrology series, “Namaste Today,” provides guidance for thousands of subscribers, and it’s now also available on all major podcasting platforms. 

He has pioneered a new arm of astrological study he coins “step astrology,” and his proudest achievement is a real-time service called Sirius*JoY. Clients enter their time and date of birth, and he provides a customized, day-by-day and hour-to-hour diet of personal spiritual life coaching.  His method combines the knowledge of numerology, astrology, and sacred geometry into a definitive, step-by-step method to self-realization.

Christopher believes that self-realization and peace within oneself will lead to world peace. He has invested himself in organizations, retreats, and hours of YouTube programming that promote love for oneself and humankind. 

I love the work Christopher is doing, and I tell you: it is spot on. He has an uncanny knack for tapping into the mass consciousness and helping us all understand what is really happening on the planet. Get ready to learn how you can start or deepen your own awakening. 

Consciousness is about perception.

You just have to change your perception to change your life.”

-Christopher Witecki



      • How he was working in Hollywood with celebrities and then naturally pulled on his path as a psychic astrologer
      • About being the first psychic on YouTube and how he was producing more content than Oprah and local tv news when he started his first show.
      • How we are affected by the planets and what Christopher would say to the skeptics. 
      • About his deeply specific and accurate algorithm for understanding your astrological story.
      • What it means to become truly awakened. 
      • How to identify whether you are intuiting your own emotions or those of people around you. 
      • How astrology and consciousness has affected generations going back to World War 2.
      • The three biggest questions that the collective consciousness is currently answering as we enter a new age of enlightenment. 
      • How people can reconcile with their own dark sides. 

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