Join award-winning publicist Heather Burgett and her heart-centered guests for inspiration and insight as they explore purpose-driven messages and how their high visibility is helping change the world. These purpose-driven visionaries and creatives are capturing the mainstream spotlight by harnessing the power of positivity, publicity, personal development, spiritual alignment, and other shine strategies. Find out what lights them up and how they’ve overcome their biggest obstacles to create massive impact and lasting legacies—and how you too can go from local to global.

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Introductory Episode
Welcome to the Shine Strategy podcast! I’m Heather Burgett, your Shine Strategist, and I want to share with you all a little about my story and why I decided to start this soul-fueled business show for heart-centered visionaries. Tune-in to know what to expect from this show, and find out if you’re ready to take yourself from local to global! For more information on The Shine Strategy and PR Stars, check out!
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